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Tuna fear us and our passion is to put you on them each and every day.  Venice is known as the Tuna Capital of the World and we strive to make sure our clients experience our fishery like no other.


Tuna Fishing

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The hub for tuna fishing

Unlike other fishing spots in the world, Louisiana coastal waters provide year-round fishing opportunities for Tuna. However, the best months for massive Yellowfin Tuna catches are during the fall and winter months. During these seasons, mullet are plentiful in the waters off Louisiana, attracting huge hoards of Tuna which feed on them. A well known spot for catching Tuna is the Midnight Lump, located 50 miles off Venice, Louisiana. The presence of numerous oil platforms and oil rigs here provide man made reefs for these fish to thrive in. These platforms provide plenty of scope to fish for Tuna all year round. The great thing about catching Tuna is that they travel at high speeds and in large schools. Thus, fishing for Tuna is very challenging and exciting. In addition, since they travel in large schools, you can expect to catch several Tuna at a time! Our captain James Peters and our skilled crew will tell you about memorable experiences catching Tuna here in Venice, Louisiana.


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Fishing techniques used

We at Osprey Charters use a variety of fishing techniques such as live baiting, chunking, chumming, trolling, vertical jigging, deep dropping and several others. The big Yellowfin Tuna fish are best tackled using our state of the art Shimano Tiaras and Cape Fear Rods. These offer greatest lift power and smooth drag aspect. The bigger Yellowfin Tuna can often weigh as much as 200 pounds or more! This is where such equipment comes in handy.

At Osprey Charters, we understand the unique feeding habits and characteristics of Tuna. This makes us exceptional at catching large numbers of Tuna, while providing you with plenty of adventure and fun along the way!